advanced water treatment technology

About Us

Ciclonar is the manufacturer of a sophisticated, simple, fast, energy efficient, and cost effective mixing and aeration device. It is a paradigm shift for the way in which fluids are aerated and solids, liquids and gases are mixed.

Key attributes of the technology include:


The only device that can homogenously mix liquids, powders, gases, slurries, and granules into liquids and, if required, aerate simultaneously using up to less than 90% of the required electrical power consumed by conventional mixers, realising significant cost savings. Operation is quiet and can be chemical free.


It can be used to increase oxygen transfer efficiency in solutions and can draw offensive odours and gaseous emissions back into solution for further processing.


The innovative design of the machine has removed the need for mixing blades, thereby eliminating the risk of cutting or slicing injuries to people or aquatic species. The small footprint, ease of installation and low maintenance allows it to be integrated into any existing system without interruption.


Toxic blue green algae and aquatic weed control, organic and/or chemical decontamination, odour control.

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